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A professional flight school and aircraft rental company specializing in sharing the experiences and joys of flying. We have a full time staff of professional flight instructors and a fleet of new Cessna aircraft. Our Mission Statement Our goal is to attract and retain students and make them safe, capable pilots who will become long-term members of the aviation community. Our school is located at the Sonoma Skypark Airport in beautiful Sonoma California where the Napa and the Sonoma Valleys meet, just north of the San Francisco Bay area. Sonoma Skypark Airport was originally founded January 3rd, 1965 and has been serving the aviation community ever since.

We're a flight organization based in Sonoma, California
Training Area:   Local.  

Certificates:    Recreational, Private, Commercial, ATP, CFI and CFII.  

Ratings:    VFR, IFR, Commercial, CFI, CFII, Multiengine and Multiengine Instructor.  

Class:    Single Engine Land and Multi Engine Land.  

Type of Curriculum:   FITS - FAA Scenario based training.  

Technically Advanced Aircraft:   Glass Cockpit(Garmin G1000), etc.  

Type of Airplanes Available:   Cessna 150, 162, 172, 182  

Airport Locations (codes):   0Q9  

Professional Affiliations:    EAA and Cessna Pilot Center.  

Weather:   Year round flying  

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