Pavco Flight Center                Last Visit: 06.09.2009

Flight Training is a specialty at PAVCO. You can earn the ratings for private flying or aim for a professional career in aviation. We offer private, instrument, commercial, airline transport pilot (ATP), and instructor (CFI & CFII) ratings. Floatplane and multiengine ratings are also availabe. Since 1982 we have grown from a one airplaine, one instructor operation, to a full service operator with 25 aircraft and 12 instructors. Our operations include: full fixed based operation services, charter flights, new and used aircraft sales, flight training, aircraft rental, and aircraft maintenance. PAVCO is proud to be a Cessna Pilot Center. What ever your aviation needs, PAVCO stands ready to help.

We're a flight organization based in Gig Habor, Washington
School Type:    Part 141 and Part 61.  

Training Area:   Local.  

Instruction Materials:    Jeppesen, ASA, Gleim and King.  

Syllabus:    Jeppesen and Custom.  

Category:    Airplane (Fixed Wing).  

Certificates:    Recreational, Private, Commercial, ATP, CFI and CFII.  

Ratings:    VFR, IFR, Commercial, CFI and CFII.  

Class:    Single Engine Land, Multi Engine Land and Single Engine Sea.  

Engines:    Single and Twin.  

Endorsement:    Complex and High Performance.  

Recurrent Training:    Flight Review, Instrument Proficiency Check, Aircraft Checkouts and Insurance Checkouts.  

Training Orientation:    Career (Carrier, Commercial, Military), Business (Private) and Recreation (all non-commercial flight).  

Career Focus:    Commercial (includes air taxi, survey, ambulance, etc), Corporate Flying, Regional Airlines, Flight Instruction and Major Airlines.  

Type of Curriculum:   Self-Paced.  

Technically Advanced Aircraft:    Glass Cockpit(Garmin G1000), etc and Autopilot.  

Type of Rental:    Students only and Licensed Pilots.  

Type of Airplanes Available:   Cessna 150, 152, 172, 182, Piper Aztec, Seminole  

Aircraft Rental Rates:   $82-238 + $40 for instructor  

Training Facilities:    Dedicated Classroom, Lounge, Dedicated Study Area, Flight Planning Area, Pilot Ready Room, Private Rest Quarters and Snack Room.  

On-Site FAA Testing:    Written Tests (CATS, Laser Grade) and On-site flight examiner.  

Airport Facilities:    Control Tower, ILS, Restaurant, Weather computer terminal and Pilot Shop.  

Airport Locations (codes):   TIW  

Pricing Info:   Block rates available  

Special Offer:   $68 Intro Fllight  

Financial Assistance:   Student Loans.  

Professional Affiliations:   Cessna Pilot Center.  

Total Instructors:   5  

Weather:   Seasonal variations (weather flying, snow, etc)  

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